Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mudder Wet Path, Aquaforte

Recently I went for a hike along Mudder Wet Path on the East Coast Trail system. To take this hike you have to drive to Aquaforte which is near Ferryland on the Southern Shore. It’s about an hours drive from St. John’s. I have hiked this trail a couple of times.

On this hike I was headed towards the waterfall (photo 3) and came upon this skull and bones (photos 1 & 2). I’m assuming it was once a cow but I’m not sure. Kind of interesting I thought so I’m sharing with you.

There is a nice waterfall on this trail although on the day I was there the water was not flowing as much as I was hoping for. However, I tried to make the best of the situation with this photo.

The last photo is of an old fishing shed along the beach in Aquaforte. I love the site of these old buildings because of the texture, colour and the history behind them. They are slowly but surely disappearing as time goes by so I photograph them whenever I see one.

Hope you enjoy the variety of photos today. Variety is the theme,lol.

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