Sunday, September 20, 2009

Florizel Bell

This is the original bell from the Florizel. It hangs in the museum in Newton, Bonavista Bay.The SS Florizel, a passenger liner, was the flagship of the Bowring Brothers' Red Cross Line of steamships and one of the first ships in the world specifically designed to navigate icy waters. During its last voyage in 1914, from St. John's to Halifax and on to New York, it sunk after striking a reef at Horn Head Point (46°50′56″N 52°56′20″W / 46.84889°N 52.93889°W / 46.84889; -52.93889), Cape Race near Cappahayden, Newfoundland, Canada, with the loss of 173 including Betty Munn, a three-year-old girl, in whose memory a statue of Peter Pan was erected at Bowring Park in St. John's

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